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Messages from the Universe!

​Messages Transended from the Universe through Dorian Light...​

Messages from the Universe is a posting of messages given either through my radio show, All About You, or they are given to me during the week and are posted here. 

Please read the posts as some of them may pertain to you.  Even though the Universe may give a message to someone in Russia, if that message relates to you, it is yours as well.  It is called “Piggy-Backing”.  So many on the planet are having similar issues and circumstances, therefore, The Universe in its grace and wonder, gives messages for the collective through a particular message to the individual.  After all, we are all “ONE”.

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A young man named Jeremy...

You have been hobbling around on a sore foot for weeks thinking that you just bruised or sprained it.  You actually fractured the small bones that run across the top of your foot – not sure if you would call it a stress fracture or not – but you need to go see an orthopedic as if you let this go – you will have trouble in the future with that foot.

It feels like you play sports & are good enough to go into the pros but if you don’t get the foot taken care of now – it could have a major impact on your career in the future.  Feels like it could cause some nerve damage to the foot that would impact your ability to play your sport.  


55 year old male, I don’t see your issues but you need to listen to the Damatae – Crystal Pyramid of the Sun Meditation from the 8/7/13 archive as it will help you release something.There is a young man with extreme anger issues. You need to listen to the Damatae – Crystal Pyramid of the Sun Meditation from the 8/7/13 archive as it will help you to release the anger.

Someone with chronic hiccops – listen to the “Wounded Inner Child” meditations from August 14th and August 21st archives. There is an emotional component that is causing them that the meditation can help you release.

Someone with unexplained rash on your hips. Listen to both the Damate – Crystal Pyramid of the Sun Meditation from the 8/7/13 archive as well as both of the Wounded Inner Child meditations from 8/14 and 8/21. There is an emotional component involved.


 THE LADY IN KANSAS – 7/19/13 10:22PM

This is a lady in Kansas, you are on a small farm and you are depressed and thinking of suicide. You keep saying to yourself – no one can help me. There is no way out! You are married to a very controlling, dominating, abusive husband.You have created a self-imposed limitation by saying this because you have been saying it for so long that you believe it. It is like a self-imposed lie probably resulting from depression due to feeling trapped. You feel like there is no where to go, no $$ to leave with and no one else that can help you.

Now some of this is from a past life pattern – you were imprisioned for many years and died behind bars in a past life because of your herbal healing abilities. The ignorant locals considered you a witch. So you carry that pattern in you as well. So I want you to set an action plan. When we take action, it helps to kick us out of the paralyzed state and feel some forward movement. With forward movement – comes hope of something better.

I want you to start saving your cookie jar money that you save for groceries. Your husband will never know that you are saving this money. I believe that with some of the money you will need to go to a therapist, maybe in a neighboring town, in order to get the strength & fortitude to get out. Don’t go to someone in your town as it is too small and people talk so there is a chance your husband will know you are getting help. That may cause some serious consequences for you.

You are already thinking about where you would like to move as well as a job you could be good at – like a job in a clothing store or as a waitress in order to bring in money and put a roof over your head. I see a boarding room or a room in someone’s house where you can live for a while. Even in a small room like that, you will feel free and better than you ever have. At least you can breathe & won’t feel like you will suffocate.

Continue to work on your self esteem with either a counselor, a support group or through self-help literature. You used to have a great feeling of self worth until you married your husband. He has beaten you down. I sense that you will eventually go back to school to get your education and possibly help other women who have been in your situation. It is real important for you to stay in the question of – “what is the possibility of……” like what is the possibility of me saving enough money to get out – what is the possibility that I will have enough money to get help and to break free from this man. What is the possibility of a better life for me. Whatever you resonate with.

So remember the piggy-backing concept for all who identify with this scenario. So I’ve been instructed to start an energetic clearing for everyone who feels trapped in this same kind of situation … give yourself permission to move forward in your life as well. You also need to make an action plan and start implementing it even if it is at a snail’s pace. It will give you hope for a better tomorrow.

ALL ABOUT YOU SHOW – "Tools to Change" -- 6/26/13

  • ​This is regarding the message that I gave for the young man in the mid-west at the beginning of the show last week.
  • Remember when I said that a lot of us would hear that story and say  ---   so what – that is his life……?  What does it have to do with me?    How many times we only see the face value of something.  We don’t usually have a clue about the meaning behind it or something more powerful going on behind the scenes?  Well, I figured if the universe felt that it was important enough to interrupt “my divine plans, for the show, it had to be pretty significant.  Later – after the show - I thought – well maybe there was someone listening that knows him and they might have to  drop off the show & miss the message.  Maybe they wouldn’t listen to the archive later. 


    I also kept asking the universe – why is it so important that this young man get this message.  I know all about divine timing as I walk in it every day of my life.  But what was the big deal?  I know that if this young man hears this message and chooses to follow it, that it will change his life – but what is the real importance behind it.  And it finally came to me – there will be a male child (oh – I’ve got truth shivers all over my body) – there will be a male child that will be born from his union with the girl in that town.  Not that everyone on this planet isn’t important – but this male child is going to do something big, he is going to invent something, or discover something – to rock this world & it will be something profound & life altering – all for the good of the planet!  Now how cool is that!!!!


    So this is a lesson for us all – to always stay open to infinite possibilities for others & yourself.  We each have something uniquely our own that we came here to do as well as to experience.  So keep the door open for your own life…….


    These messages came to me in the middle of the night last night and I was told to tell them on the show today.  Sometimes the universe brings in message to people to warn them of something or to guide them to do something different.  I don’t usually get these kinds of messages but I have to tell them if they come my way.   For me, these messages are about listening to your own innate intuition.  Chances are, the recipients of the message have already had thoughts or feelings about the warnings in the messages.  If you could talk to me personally, you would probably tell me that you had thoughts that someday something like this might happen. That is your intuition telling you to do something way before it happens. So for all of you listening in – please pay more attention to those little nagging gut feelings or those re-occurring thought flashes in your head.  It is usually your intuition that is trying to tell you something.  



  • There is woman – I’d say in her mid to late 30’s.  You have a very bad temper & throw things when you are fighting, especially with your husband.  I want you to be very cognoscenti of your actions in weeks to come as I saw you throwing a pointed high heel shoe – you know the Barbie doll shoes that are popular now.  I saw that shoe hit your young son and cause a serious injury.  So please, if this is you, think twice before you act. Now, I believe you have had thoughts like – I better stop throwing things with the little guy around as someday he might get hurt.  This message isn’t given in judgment; it is given so that you can change the course of your actions.  A good course of action would be to find someone that can help you understand the source of your anger and clear it.  You will be much happier & so will your family!  Many blessings!


  • There is a couple – can’t see where – that owns a little dog.  It’s small like a yolky or mixed breed of that size.  You have a pool behind your house and you have taught the dog to go into the pool with you.  He loves the water.  Therefore, you don’t pay too much attention to having the sliding glass doors open or closed. It looks like one night you are both tired and go to bed forgetting to shut the doors.  Well your little guy decides to go for a swim but he can’t get out of the pool.  He gets to the end but he is too small to hop up on the pool decking. If he stands up he is ok but he can’t lie down as the water comes up on his body too high.  He is out there all night as this happens shortly after you go to bed.  I think you get the picture. 

    Just like with the last message – I believe one or both of you have thought about something like this happening before – so please listen to your intuition and get a pool gate or be diligent about closing the sliding door.


  • In this message – all I saw was a house fire.  There is a short in the kitchen – I think the stove – and it causes a fire.  Thank goodness, the fire was contained to the kitchen and didn’t burn the house down.  But the whole scenario could have been prevented if the owner of the house had listened to his intuition.  It could save you a lot of inconvenience & money!


  • Cows – saw a farm with cows fenced in – there is a crack in several of the fence poles that run horizontally.  Whoever I’m talking to – you have been having the nagging feeling that you need to get those boards fixed but just haven’t taken the time – you are a busy man running a farm.  Well, one of the cows or maybe a bull – is using the board to scratch its side and it breaks the boards.  Well, there go your cows – all over the hillside.  Even though there wasn’t any harm done, if you had listened to your intuition, you would have saved yourself a lot of time & expense. 

​ALL ABOUT YOU SHOW – "Setting the Stage" -- 6/19/13 

  • Young man, feels like in a small one horse town in the Mid-West.  He has dark hair, mid length, looks like it is gelled.  He is thin, has an angular face and usually has a 1-2 day old beard.  He usually wears white t-shirts and loose fitting jeans – not hanging off – but loose.  I can’t see his mother, feels like his father is an absentee father, possibly an alcoholic.  He doesn’t have much of a relationship with him.  He is living in this town because of his grandmother.  I think he calls her granny.  He is working at what looks like a full service gas station making minimum wage.  He has been very mechanical since birth – tearing apart bicycles, motorcycles and cars and putting the back together again.  He is very poor so he can’t go to mechanics school and doesn’t feel that he will be able to get a job without a certification.   There is a town several towns over that is larger and has more opportunities but he doesn’t want to leave his granny.  He feels responsible for her.  My message is that if you will go to that town, there is an older man that owns a mechanics shop and is desperately seeking good mechanics.  He is always complaining about the drifters that come through that he hires and they “don’t know their head from a hole in the ground”.  I saw big trucks in his shop as well as cars.  The trucks looked like dump trucks or something big like that.  He will hire you as he is desperately seeking help.  He is leery but he feels something different about you.  He lost a son years ago and he sees a lot of him in you.  You in turn have longed for a father figure your whole life.  You become good friends and help each other out.  He feels like you are another son.  You will help make the place very successful and make a lot of friends in the community.  I believe when he dies, he will leave you the business and you will continue to build it into a successful business.  You have a lot of great ideas for expanding the business. 



  • Young girl – in the same Mid-West town, just graduated from high school and is baby-sitting for the summer.  You don’t know what to do with your life as you weren’t very good in school.  You don’t have much money and don’t want to go to college.  You have always been good with hair – fixing your friends hair for dates, proms, etc.  You use to fix your Barbie dolls hair as a child.  If you will go to the small cosmetology school there in town, they will give you a grant or a loan to go to school.  If you do, you will graduate and be very successful.  I see you as a very popular successful stylist in the town.  You will meet the young man that I described above and you will start dating and I believe you could possibly get married.


  • Young man – can’t see where – but you are going to school for some kind of medical professional.  You haven’t been in school for very long but you hate it.  Your passion is music and you are an excellent musician and write a lot of your own music.  The music seems to be light rock – not sure.  You are going to school because of your dad.  He is pushing you into the medical profession and won’t even listen to you about being a musician.  He feels they are drifters and dead-beats.  Now, I wouldn’t tell any young person to quite college, but I do feel that you need to give yourself permission to brave up to your father and tell him that you are miserable.  I feel that if you give him a proposal of a compromise, he may accept it.  For instance, tell him you will switch to a business degree that way you can be a good businessman in your music career.  I believe he will eventually agree to pay for your college if you do switch.  Your first love is your music and you will be miserable if you stay in medicine.   Think about it.


  • Man in his late 20’s, early 30’s that is limiting himself because of his disability.  You have one leg shorter than the other and war a lift in your shoe.  This has always affecting you psychologically and you feel that you are defective.  That in turns makes you limit yourself and your potential.  You need to give yourself permission to break out of your limited thinking about what you can accomplish.  You will be successful in life if you do.


  • Young man in a wheel chair that is a paraplegic.  I think you got injured in the service.  You are really bitter and angry which is understandable, however you are limiting yourself from moving ahead in your life.  Give yourself permission to move forward as there is something wonderfully productive for you waiting in your future if you do.


  • Lady in Wyoming – your parents and and doctors labeled you with add.  You need to give yourself permission to drop that label.  There is something deep within your heart that you have been longing to do with your life but you don’t believe you can because of what you were told about yourself as a child growing up.  I believe that if you give yourself permission to move forward with what your heart is longing for – you will be successful.  You are stopping yourself by your own lack of self-permission.


  • Young man in California – you were told that your older brother was so much smarter than you were.  You were extremely overlooked as a child as they catered to him.  They always bragged about him & he was the super-star kid.  So, you believed it and you are running your life on a mediocre subconscious programming.  In actuality, you have a much higher IQ than your brother and are very capable of being very successful.   So give yourself permission to step into who you know you are – a very smart guy!!!


  • Young women in Tunisia - you were told you were just lucky to be alive and that is what you should be grateful for.  You heard things like – what more do you want out of life – you should just be grateful that you are alive.  So you don’t expect much more out of life other than to just exist – survive – just be alive.   You are very intelligent, resourceful and quite creative.  I believe that if you give yourself permission to use that resourcefulness & creativity – wow - you have a lot of great ideas cooking in your brain.  I believe you can create a very abundant and happy life for yourself if you will give yourself permission to move forward on some of your ideas.


  • Young man in Colorado that was mislabeled with SLD – slow learning disability – wrong!  Your mental processes just require you to think about everything first – to filter through what is usable for yourself and that which is not.   Your brain isn’t slow at all – it is just methodical, meticulous & wants only to gleam what it can use and throw the rest out – it requires time to filter & process all the information that you are given.  You are very intelligent and how your brain works is actually a gift because it keeps you from making poor choices as everything is examined and thought out.  You definitely don’t fly by the seat of your pants that for sure!  Give yourself permission to take that label off and accept your marvelous processing system.  You are not broken in any way!


  • Young woman in a small providence in China – you weren’t given or allowed to have the benefits of a formal education.  You are very, very smart.  It feels like your parents are very poor so you had to go to work at an early age.  It feels like you are working at a very minimal waged job in the service industry or possibly a factory.   Your heart longs for so much more as you know how smart you are and you know you could help your family & yourself with a trained skill or an education.  You also have a desire to help others.  Well – you are right.  You day dream a lot about a better future so I want you to give yourself permission to use your imagination to create what you want for your future.  Also, we will be doing a segment on staying in the question – “what is the possibility”.  That is a very important segment for you to listen to and start practicing.  So as I said – give yourself permission to visualize your future and stay in the question of “what is the possibility of………”  I truly believe you can totally change your course and create a new future for yourself.


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