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"All About You" Radio Program 

Dorian broadcasted 42 Weekly Radio Shows to Over 2.5 Million Listeners in 240 Countries Worldwide!

Dorian is a regular weekly radio Show Host (currently on leave to help care for her beautiful sister) delivering

insight to life, light and the universe. With a weekly listenership in the thousands, many choose to listen to her
words of wisdom and encouragement via the archives for convenience of time.

Dorian's intuitive insights and teachings on this premiere internet radio network has become a weekly staple for many spiritualist and mainstreamers alike. Her natural and down to earth realism enables people to understand
her lessons across all aspects of living our lives to the fullest.

In each Episode, Dorian discusses key issues in life and ways of "clearing" those issues that are holding you in your past as well as helping you to create a better future.​

The Voice America, Network's 7th Wave Network,  has enabled Dorian to reach many more people across the globe than through old conventional methods. Live Internet Talk radio has become increasingly popular with Voice America being one of the pioneers from 1990's and has encouraged Dorian to continue to create new
means and the best of online tools to allow her to help individuals and groups at very economical prices.

“We are proud to have secured Dorian Light
as a host on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network. Truly an interesting and informed teacher, Dorian is a class addition to our programming family. We’re very proud and excited to have her join our network.

Brandy Jackson, General Manager
Voice America Network

                     LISTEN to previous shows!




With 2.5 million listeners in over 240 countries worldwide, Voice America leads the internet radio market utilizing cutting-edge technology, multiple channels and a growing stable of diverse hosts such as Dorian alongside agreements with top brands for sponsorship of content. They provide content that inspires, entertains and enlightens. It's the stuff of water-cooler conversation and dinner discussions.

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