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New, Second Edition Light Cards are In!

Universal Activation Cards are a “One of a Kind” Card Deck!​

This complete 68 Universal Activation Card deck contains ancient mystical symbols and language of living light that will activate profound transformational changes in all areas of your life. The symbols and language are powerful living light channels and key code activators that have a consciousness and awareness of their own. Infinite universal knowledge, wisdom and life changing powers are stored deep within their being as they are connected directly to “The Source Of All That Is”. These magical elements of the Universe were used throughout the ages by many enlightened masters and beings to guide, activate, awaken, heal and initiate profound changes within all areas of their life. Channeled straight from Source, these cards will activate and connect “YOU” to the same Source of Infinite Possibilities to achieve shifts of great magnitude in your life.

66 beautiful universal activation card are accompanies by an instruction card on how to use the deck and a cover card with info about Dorian.

Deck includes 66 Universal Activation Cards like this one.

Testimonial about Dorian Light Universal Activation Cards

Dorian’s cards, Universal Activations with the Language of Light, hold a power that I believe only a beautiful mind can understand.  When I met Dorian, we had an instant connection as just her personality alone is so uplifting.  When Dorian shared her card deck with me, I felt a unique energy with some of the colors and symbols and knew they were channeled in from a good place.   However, my reaction to them was nothing compared to the reaction of my 3 yr. old Autistic son who seemed to understand the meaning of the language.  It has simply amazed me!  He continues to connect with the colors and words which is truly a breakthrough for him.  This card deck has allowed me to connect with the beautiful mind of my special son and I am thankful to you, Dorian, for your beautiful creation.

SR, Orlando.

One of a Kind Card Deck with Original Artwork...

Suggest Retail Price: $49.95


Buying Multiple Decks or Outside the USA?

You will be taken to my PayPal shopping cart where you can purchase as many decks of card as you would like. The shipping is currently only charging for a singe deck so if you do purchase more than one deck or are outside the continential United States, I will send you a small invoice just for the addition shipping cost that I have to pay.  We're working on getting the new shopping cart set to correct this inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding. 

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