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My Sessions

Different Sessions are Designed to Take You Where You Need to Go

I've met some of the most interesting people in my life within a session. Depending on the nature and type of session that you would like to experience, the session can either be in person or possible over the phone. contact me, either by phone or email to discuss what will work best for your.  I look forward to meeting you and experiencing a positive session with you! ​

Physic Energetics

Using physic sight, energy healing and the Language of Light to facilitate a change or healing in your life, Physic Energetics is Dorians connectivity to the ever changing world.

Experience her wisdom and connectivity to the Universe.

Language of Light Healing

Whether spoken, sung or tones, the Language of Light can dissolve old blocks and patterns of information stored within your being as well as bring in new imprints that are in alignment with your life.

Dailly Remote Healing Sessions

Daily remote healing session pprogrammed for you remotely. This innovative system couple the Universal concept of connectivity with the molecules of the Universe and allows alignment within a specified amount of time.

Click on any of Dorians offerings for some of the most interesting
thoughts on learning about your own spirituality.

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