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30 Day Remote Healing Sessions

Remote Session Price: $189.00 for 30 Consecutive Days.

This monthly remote session is very powerful and you don’t have to be present with Dorian to have it.  When you purchase a remote session, Dorian will take your name and with her psychic abilities (Psychic Energetics), she will go into the Zero Point Field and scan your fields on all multi-dimensional levels.  She will then take all the energy information that she has gathered, as well as any hidden and unknown information, and will infuse it with thousands of years of Qi-Gong energies and the Language of Light.  That information will then be broadcasted into your Personal Energy Field as a daily remote session for one month - to help You to shift and change your life.   Dorian believes in maintaining the highest integrity, therefore, she has tested this modality for over 2 years before presenting it to the public and has seen powerful results in her test client’s lives.  The beauty of this modality is - you don’t have to be present!  The “Monkey Mind” always wants to know and can question how a remote session is possible.  Everything is energy and it does not have any limits, therefore, with these remote sessions you can go about your daily life and just notice the changes! 








Notice What is different!   It can be slight or a profound!


If you experience any symptoms of detoxing: Drink lots of water, get your feet on Mother Earth, and get out in nature if you can- definitely take an Epsom salts bath with 1/4 c of backing soda- soak about 20 minutes. Relax and breathe deeply!


NOTE - With this modality, a written report of what was found is not provided as it is usually extensive and very complex as the energies work with all aspects of your multi-dimensional being.  Therefore, just know that it is not necessary for you to have to know the depth of the information as the changes will occur according to your psyche and your soul’s ability to allow and accept change.   However, please note, if issues persist in your life after the remote session, you may need to get a personal session with Dorian to address key core issues (such as Original Cause Programming or Irrevocable Contracts you have created) from another perspective or level.


Here are some of the protocols and areas that are included in this remote session which can help you to de-stress and release what no longer serves you:


Helps to clear many emotional issues

Works with physical symptoms & Dis-ease

Helps to remove and clears energetic pathogens

Helps to remove Emotional and Mental Issues

Helps to clear Ancestral Patterns & Programs

Helps to scan & clear your Energy Field & Aura

Helps balance Acupuncture & Meridian Points

Clears old time lines that may be sabotaging you and helps you to step into your divine time line energy stream

Prayer Warrior Programming included - there are 4 protocols where powerful prayers are sent out to every aspect of your being

Nutritional & Sustenance Balancing - whereby your energy field will be scanned so you can receive whatever you need

Key and persistent issues that show up as patterns and programs can be addressed and cleared

Helps to clear Dark Force energy, psychic attacks, black magic and more

Relationships can be balanced and resolved

Old resistances to change can be shifted, allowing you to say "YES" to the Universe

Key issues that are sabotaging you can be deprogrammed while your intentions for your well-being can be implemented and charged

Recharging of your Energy Field

Thousands of years of Qi-Gong are broadcasted your way to assist you in your healing

Reiki Balancing is applied

Stress in your life can be reduced and much, much more...


This can be a start to a new you!


If you decide to do this session please confirm and your remote session will be scheduled

when your PayPal payment of $189.00 is received. I will send you a confirmation email with your start date and final instructions.


Dorian's Disclaimer:

This remote session is not meant to take the place of Medical guidance, assistance or prescription drugs prescribed by a doctor.  I am not a Medical Doctor nor do I make any claims to heal.  I am here to energetically assist you to de-stress, feel better and to improve your life. ****



Click on the your desired length session above to initiate an email request to discover dates and times available for your session with Dorian.  

PAYPAL Invoice will be emailed to you from Dorian's Company, Matrix Therapeutics, Inc.

ABOUT PRICING: I'm honored that you are considering scheduling a session(s) with me and excited about the opportunity to meet you.  It is truly my pleasure to teach and help you, hopefully, way beyond your expectations.  Although I am an accredited and trained professional, I do choose to keep my prices as reasonable as possible.  My existing clients consider me a great value. My sessions are all about helping YOU and giving you a new perspective on your surroundings. I truly look forward to our session together!

With Love and Light,

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