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Language of Light

The Universal Language of Creation​

The Language of Light is the pure sound frequency of creation.  Some say that it is the language of the “Angels”. There are many sound frequencies of the Language of Light but if you could hear it in its purest sense, you would hear pure, crystalline vibrational frequencies.  These frequencies carry healing codes light and unconditional love emanating from the Heart of the Universal (my term for God, Creator, Source, etc.)  Biblical texts say – In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and through that word all things were created.  I believe this means that the Universal created sound (not spoken words) and that sound vibration created all form in the Universe.  The various tonal frequencies and sound patterns created through the Language of Light is a part of that original sound vibration and energy frequencies that created all things.  If these sound patterns created all things, they have the intelligent ablity to affect all things great and small  (including humans) that are in form on every level of their existence.

Many say when I speak, sing or tone the Language that they know what I’m saying in their heart. Of course, you do as it is the sound that you intimately have known since the beginning of your soul’s creation as it has no beginning or end.  Sound is as old as the universe itself and is an intelligent energy source tapped into by many ancient mystics, yogis and sages through deep meditation throughout the ages.  Even though, at times, the Language of LIght may sound like a familiar dialect, the frequencies emited by the Language are not the same crude form of sound created through normal speech.    The Language’s tonal vibration is on a much higher dimensional resonating frequency than a mere human’s voice.  When sung or spoken by a channel, the sound may be that of the channel’s voice but the sound with it’s multi-dimensional resonant patterns has an ability to penetrate your subconscious brainwaves at it’s higher frequency rate.  I believe that is why the Language of Light can facilitate changes in your unconscious brainwave frequencies that have stored patterns of information and programs within them that may be blocking or sabatoging your life.

Along with the stored patterns of information in the human 3D subconscious, I also believe that there is a soul programming running it’s loops of patterns and information from all previous lifetimes.  It is the spark of the divine that incarnates over and over into human form to have an experience but also creates karmic loops and patterns that will stay with us until they are either cleared, resolved or the lesson has been learn. 

As a licensed hypnotherpist, I see the subconscious mind more in the realm of the 3D physicality as a processor of information and I see the soul as the spark of the divine living within us that knows all things but also has stored incarnated experiences, lessons and programs.  The subconscious mind starts storing patterns of information in utero and after birth runs in theta state throughout our childhood until we are approximately 7.  In that theta state, we start storing everything from this lifetime that will make us “who we are”.  The spark of the soul within us that has incarnated lifetime after lifetime has it’s own programming patterns of information stored in it when it incarnates into this lifetime.  Therefore, in my experience, I believe that as a therapist to facilitate a true shift in someone’s consciousness, I need to work with the patterns of the subconscious mind but also the stored soul programming (i.e., past lives).   Hence – Psychic Energetics (subconscious) and Language of Light (soul programming and subconscious).

See article – KEYCODES & LANGUAGE OF LIGHT for more detailed information on this subject.

The Language of Light is a powerful, living light energetics capable of creating significant changes upon the planet and within humanity. Equally powerful in an individual or group session to facilitate profound miracles of change and healing.

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"When I first heard Dorian speak the Language of Light, my mind didn’t understand the language but my soul did and it was rejoicing.  They were the most beautiful words and sounds to ever touch my ears.  Through the language that she spoke, key issues that were standing like barricades in my life started to crumble and disappear.  It was truly amazing to see my life change through those beautiful powerful life altering words that she spoke."

EB, Hawaii


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