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There is FREE STUFF on almost EVERY Page. Check out everything Dorian has to offer... Check back often, things changes weekly!

2 Different 30 Day Remote Sessions!

SRC Remote Session Price: $220.00 for 4 Weeks

This monthly remote session is very powerful and you don’t have to be present with Dorian to have it work.  When you purchase a remote session, Dorian will take your name and with her psychic abilities (Psychic Energetics), she will go into the Zero Point Field and scan your fields on all multi-dimensional levels.  She will then take all the energy information that she has gathered, as well as any hidden and unknown information, and will infuse it with thousands of years of Qi-Gong energies and the Language of Light.  That information will then be broadcasted into your Personal Energy Field as a daily remote session for one month - to help You to shift and change your life.   Dorian believes in maintaining the highest integrity, therefore, she has tested this modality for over 2 years before presenting it to the public and has seen powerful results in her test client’s lives.  The beauty of this modality is - you don’t have to be present!  The “Monkey Mind” always wants to know and can question how a remote session is possible.  Everything is energy and it does not have any limits, therefore, with these remote sessions, you can go about your daily life and just notice the changes! 

Learn More ~ Purchase for the Entire Month

30 Day Personal Remote Session

Whereas the 4 Week SRC Remote is powerful and runs your specific program 24/7 based on your energy in the Quantum Field, this Personal Daily Remote is not done with the SRC as Dorian works personally in your field.  She will check in with you daily to see what needs to be done.  This remote is highly recommended after you have done at least one phone or skype session with Dorian as she will extend the current work that was done in the session and go into deeper levels for clearing and healing.  You will have texting and/or email access to Dorian to let her know your progress or issues/concerns during the 30 days that she will be personally working with you and your field. 


Everything is energy and it does not have any limits, therefore, with this remote session you can go about your daily life and just notice the differences!


As with the SRC Remote - It is important to notice: What is different!  

It can be slight or a profound!

Do not look for any specific changes just notice the differences.

Learn More ~ Purchase for the Entire Month

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Keep Me

Dorian has many new tools coming online to help you to shift, change and heal your life.  As Dorian maintains her teachings and messages on the Voice America Talk Radio Network, she has just started her new "Zero Hour" Healing Calls and Retreats. These invaluable retreats and calls are an extraordinarily economical resource to receive Dorian's teachings and group healings at a fraction of her personal rates.

Dorian will share her gifts of Psychic Energetics & the Language of Light to help you clear old patterns and programs, encode new patterns of awareness and information, decode ancient mutations and distortions within your External Key Codes and activate your Internal Key Codes which in turn will help you to access and activate your DNA/Lightbody.

Dorian's newsletter will also keep you informed on Dorian's newest project, "Decoding the frequency of....", which addresses decoding old patterns, programs and dis-eses that have been stored in the subconscious and soul's memory bank. The newletter also keeps you informed on speaking engagements, national and international retreats, expo's and other engagements where you can see and or meet Dorian in person.

Stay up to speed as Dorian continues to help you "Step Into Infinite Possibilities" for your ilfe.  

Name and Email is all I need to keep you up to date!

Decoding the Frequency of Dis~Ease | MP3 Downloads


New to Dorian Light's web-site - using Psychic Energetics, Psychic Channelling and the Language of Light to decode the frequencies associated with specific dis-eases or emotional patterns that are stored in your energy field, subconscious or soul's memory bank that can be causing you discomfort.


If you have a specific dis-ease or emotional pattern that you would like Dorian to address, please click on the "Notify" button and send an email to Dorian with your request.  

From Lauren Galey's OnLine Healing Retreat

Infinite Possibilities
Using Physic Energetics

with Dorian Light is on Sale Now!

Full 2 Hour Healing Retreat using Psychic Energetics and the Language of Light with Master Healer Dorian Light for just $32.95

Light Language Healer & Psychic Channel, Dorian Light offers a powerful group healing session that will help to remove blockages that may be sabbotaging you from stepping into your power. Dorian will also give you valueable tools to use to help you step into the Realm Of Infinitie Possibilities for your life.  These tools can help you to step out of the chaos of Mass Consciousness so you can create from a place of your own personal power. This retreat will truly help you to step into your power and create Infinite Possibilities for your life!


Available for just $32.95










                                                        CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE

Click Here to go to additional Soundtracks & Audios!

These amazing soundtracks, Sound of Light Volume I, DAMATAE, Crystal Pyramid of the Sun and The Inner Child are ORIGINAL QUALITY MEDITATION SOUNDTRACKS that incorporate the Language of Light as a part fo the meditation. For more details on each soundtrack, click on this link...

Now Listen to Dorian's Popular, "All About You"
Radio Show at Your Convenience!

Dorian Broadcasted 42 Weekly Radio Shows to Over 2.5 Million Listeners
in 240 Countries, Worldwide!

The Dorian Light Radio Show is “All About YOU” and how you can take back the power of your life.  Learn to shift, change and heal your life so that you can manifest the dreams and desires that you hold within your heart. How do you shift, change and heal your life? Find the answers to this question and more as Dorian explores subconscious programs, belief systems, ancestral coding and past life memories that can have you stuck in patterns that are sabotaging your life.

Dorian teaches you techniques that can be practiced daily, helping you to think positive and feel more centered and balanced. As a highlight of each episode's topic, Dorian does a “Light Session” using Psychic Energetics and the Language of Light to energetically shift and clear the negative patterns you have stored around that specific topic. Step into the “Realm of Infinite Possibilities” for your life.

As Dorian takes a break from live broadcast to work on a new series of Online Group Healing Retreats, you can listen to her “All About YOU” healing episodes for free!  Select from the 42 episode archive on the Voice America, 7th Wave Talk Radio Network.

L I G H T  C A R D S

NEW! Second Edition of Language of LightUniversal Activation Cards 

Dorian Light Press

The Second Edition of Dorian Light's "Universal Activations with the Language of Light Cards" have just been released. The brighter bolder colors and second gereration graphics create a powerful feel to this new Second Edition deck!  The new energy and frequency of the symbols give these cards a whole new feeling.  As the energy on the planet shifts and changes, so does the energetics of the symbols. The cards are a form of sacred geometry that is assisting humanity through this age of ascension. 

Order your new Second Edition Version today...


Also check out the new "Damatae, Crystal Pyramid of The Sun", a guided tour through the healingpyramid that can have a profound effect on your life. (ALSO AVAILABLE IN AN MP3 DOWNLOAD)!

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