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Dorian Light to Speak at Your Next Event!

As a Keynote Speaker or for a Group Workshop, Dorian delivers...

Dorian Light is an entertaining and dynamic speaker that connects totally with her audience.  As a Licensed Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer, Dorian specializes in the subconscious patterns that can be sabotaging or interfering with a person’s everyday life, health and success potential.  Multi-diverse and multi-dimensional, Dorian has an ability to speak to main stream corporate groups and businesses as well as to the spiritual, metaphysical and health communities.












As a business, if you are looking to enlighten the way your team thinks and to build team unity, you have to start with the individuals themselves and teach them how to recognize, heal and change their own personal perspectives and self-limiting beliefs.  Individuals with unbiased and unfiltered perspectives can create a positive impact on their team or group and what they can accomplish.  Dorian challenges her listening audience with questions that require self-examination to effect change within. Fun, positive but challenging breakout group sessions can enhance team building and unity amongst the members of the group. 














If you are looking for a fun, light-hearted spiritual event, Dorian brings in the clearing and healing dynamics of the Language of Light and Psychic Energetics.  Through these modalities, Dorian is able to help the entire audience to shift, change and heal their individual lives through clearing old patterns and bringing in new positive patterns of information.  As a psychic channel, many times individual messages of encouragement and healing will be delivered throughout the event. 


For those looking for a compliment to your Health & Wellness Event, Dorian’s knowledge and understanding of the Mind, Body, Spirit connection in the creation of distress and dis-ease in the body is a perfect match.  Dorian informs and teaches the audience how their stored beliefs, mental thoughts, emotional reactions and self-judgments can literally be making them stressed, sick or in dis-ease. 


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Dorian Light is an enchantingly
rich speaker that connects
with her audience."
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