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Yes, As if Dorian Light is not already active
enough helping individuals find themselves with
her "All About You" campaign, she has her first
book in the making! This off-size, nightstand-ready
reading is sure to become a very sought after writing.

Comprised of an amazing array of channeled quotes and
sayings to feed your soul, this is certain to be a treasured
writing handed down through generations to come.

She won't tell us much, as this very special publication is dear to
her heart.  We do expect for the First Edition to be published  sometime in the Fall of 2016.

That's only a few months away!

If you would like to receive prior notification of the release date and register for a pre-released, autographed copy of this special book, please provide your information  to the
right and you will be notified about the book prior to any publication releases.


Book Announcement Coming Soon!

​Dorian Light's First Book to be Published Fall, 2017​

Advance Notice!



 Please Send Me
Advance Notice of
Dorian Light's

New Book!

All pre-registered copies
are delivered with a

personalized blessing

and autographed inscription

on the inside cover!

Your information is always private and secure with Dorian!

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