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10 Signs You Are Awakening Your Consciousness

So many people ask me, "When am I going to have a transformation and awakening?" My response is typically, "How do you know you haven't already been awaken-ing?"

A few years ago, Your Wealth Revolution conducted one of largest awaken-ing/transformation experiments on the planet. We surveyed thousands and thousands of people during the course of 4.5 months of daily consciousness work and intention activities. We found that people awaken and transform differently.

Also, each person has their own 'Awakening Energy Type'. We each download information, guidance and 'awakenings' in a different way based how we process and receive energy.

You can discover your energy type here. Starting on September 19th we are conducting another global 'Awakening' event where you can get 'hands-on' support and transformation using the next generation of quantum energy healing and energy medicine techniques — click here>>

Alright, here are 10 signs I've found that happen as people begin awakening. You can check yourself against these but remember there is no right or wrong answer here… but just a different journey for everyone:

  1. You find yourself listening less to what people say and more to the feeling or intention behind their words or actions

  2. You may get distracted when walking outside (even during a busy day) around nature just looking at flowers, birds or the sky

  3. You find yourself less interested in gossip, pettiness or the judgment of others

  4. You seem more DRAINED by 'us versus them' arguments, energies or consciousness (be it politics, sports, nationalism, racial divides, etc).

  5. You value all life as sacred and may find yourself taking small bugs outside to live and perform their purpose (rather than squashing them).

  6. You begin to look back on your own life memories as only opinions of your experience versus a concrete reality. You realize now that your entire life experience can be different based on the consciousness you hold

  7. You are less interested in asking yourself, "What if" questions — like what if this person never left me? or "What if I had a better childhood?"

  8. You don't mind quiet time or alone time and shut off the T.V., social media, more often recently

  9. Rather than competing or wanting ill will for another you hope we all make it and all are happy because in reality we all are connected.

  10. You need less attention in crowds, public situations or around others. Ra-ther you are content to watch, assist and help others to see their own truth and beauty.

Again, just remember this not an all-inclusive list and everyone is different. You may experience none of these, one of these or all of these.

The next thing to do is find out what your 'Awakening Energy Type' is.

It takes only 30 seconds and it will start opening the door to deeper awakening and life transformation. It's a FREE GIFT as part of Season 12 of You Wealth Revolution's 'Awaken' summit.

You'll instantly be connected to a collective energy field plus get daily LIVE energy practices.

Take a moment and discover your own Awakening Energy Type and be a part of this world-wide gathering and receive some beautiful surprises!

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