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Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Re-Program Your Belief Systems for A Better Future

Hypnosis has been used for centuries as a powerful transforming tool that can help a person shift and heal various aspects of their life.  When hypnotized, you are in a theta state which is a meditative, relaxed state.  You are fully cognizant and capable of coming out of that state at will.  When the conscious mind relaxes, it allows the subconscious mind to go into theta whereby subconscious patterning can be accessed.  All of our memories, traumas, belief systems and experiences in this lifetime are stored in the subconscious mind.  When we are children, scientists say that we are in a theta state from birth until approximately 7.  I believe we are in that state even in utero and that we pick up many of the emotions and feelings of the mother before we are ever born and store them in our subconscious.  When in theta state, you are programming all of your belief systems from the influences around you like your mother, father, preacher, teacher, etc.  It is where we develop the belief systems about ourselves and our outside world.  For example, if a parent told you most of your childhood that you are dumb, then that programming stores into your subconscious.  More often than not, you will go throughout your life believing that you are dumb or less than smart when you may not be at all.  If you truly believe you are dumb, then you will pattern your behavior upon your belief system and you will act accordingly.  Unconscious belief systems can rule and ruin our lives.

Since hypnosis works directly with the subconscious mind, sabotaging belief systems can be accessed, old emotional wounds and traumas can be healed, patterns of behavior, habits, fears and phobias can be dismantled and re-modified with positive, beneficial programming enabling you to heal and change your current reality.

DISCLAIMER:  Many people are able to be hypnotized easily and deeply the first time they try hypnosis.  Some need more experience and practice.  Unfortunately, up to 15% of the population can’t be hypnotized at all.  This is where the Psychic Energetics is particularly valuable as I am capable of seeing into the issue for you to facilitate a shift.

Sessions available in person or in group workshops ONLY.


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With Love and Light, Dorian!

ABOUT PRICING: I'm honored that you are considering scheduling a session with me and excited about the opportunity to meet you.  It is truly my pleasure to teach and help you, hopefully way beyond your expectations.  Although I am an accredited and trained professional I choose to keep my prices as resonable as possible.  My existing clients consider me a great value. My sessions are all about helping YOU and giving you a new perspective on your surroundings. I look forward to our session together!


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