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Past Life Regression

Resolve Patterns and Issues From Your Past

ypnosis is used to travel back into long forgotten memories and traumas of a lifetime before this one.  Why would you want to access another lifetime?  Past Life Therapists believe that 90% of our “Issues” in this lifetime are carried over in the subconscious mind or soul memory (both hugh storage processors) from previous lifetime experiences, patterns and issues that have not been rectified or resolved.  Until they are addressed and resolved or a life lesson has been learned, these patterns of information (as I like to call the “Issues”) will continue to go with you like a piece of baggage from lifetime to lifetime.  Ugh – that’s a lot of baggage!

Through hypnosis, we can connect with your subconscious mind and access a memory of an event or issue that is still affecting you in your life today on an underlying emotional, mental, physical or spiritual level.  Using modifying techniques, we can change or rectify the events, issues or patterns of that lifetime thereby releasing you from these patterns in this lifetime.  This can be a very powerful technique to help with current relationship problems, addictions, habits, phobia and fears, reoccurring nightmares, financial issues and much, much more.


SIDE NOTE:  Many of you on the planet today are here to serve, help and heal humanity.  If you are still running programs in your soul’s memory of being persecuted or killed because you were a healer, you can carry a resistance of stepping forward in this lifetime into the role of a “Healer”.  Many of us have had roles of being very powerful healers.  If in that lifetime, you were responsible for something tragic happening or were unable to prevent that tragedy, we carry a heavy burden of responsibility and resistance to step into that role again in this lifetime.  In this work, we can look at the role you played as victim or persecutor and bring you to understand the blessing or life lesson of that role.  There is no victim or persecutor in the Divine’s perspective as you are his divine spark having a human experience.

Do you have to believe in Past Lives for this technique to help you?  No, not at all.  During the session, you may believe that you recalled a faded memory from childhood, a dream long forgotten or a movie or TV program you saw long ago.  It doesn’t really matter.  From the recall and resolution of the lifetime, powerful transformative shifts can occur in your circumstances, symptoms, perceptions, etc. in your life today!  Past Life Regression is a way to “Explore Your Past & Heal Your Future”.  This modality can be done in a private session but can be “fun” to do in small group settings or workshops.  The workshops are set-up to be fun and interactive!

DISCLAIMER:  Many people are able to be hypnotized easily and deeply the first time they try hypnosis.  Some need more experience and practice.  Unfortunately, up to 15% of the population can’t be hypnotized at all.  This where the Psychic Energetics is particularly valuable as I am capable of seeing into the past-life issue for you to facilitate a shift.



Experience suggested IN PERSON otherwise, Past Life Regression Session is available via a personal phone session.


Explore Your Past
Heal Your Future
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With Love and Light, Dorian!

ABOUT PRICING: I'm honored that you are considering scheduling a session with me and excited about the opportunity to meet you.  It is truly my pleasure to teach and help you, hopefully way beyond your expectations.  Although I am an accredited and trained professional I choose to keep my prices as resonable as possible.  My existing clients consider me a great value. My sessions are all about helping YOU and giving you a new perspective on your surroundings. I look forward to our session together!


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