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Energy Healing

Balance Your Bodies Energy Field

​Energy Healing and Medicine recognizes energy as a living, vital moving force that is essential to our well-being.  It is based on the belief that our “life force” creates energy fields within and around our body.  These fields, when strong and balanced, can help us to feel balanced and in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings.  Likewise, when these energy fields are unbalanced due to internal or external stressors, it can create havoc on our sense of well-being.  This can result in a person experiencing various symptoms on all levels, including stress and disease.


Energy Healing helps to balance the fields within and around us back into a healthy harmonious flow thus helping us to return to a sense of “Well-Being”.  There are various energy healing modalities but with each one, the energy is used to heal the body by activating its natural healing energies.  It revitalizes energies that have become stagnant, disturbed or unbalance as well as clears stagnated energies within your field.

"Our Life Force Creates
Energy Fields Within and Around our Bodies"
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ABOUT DORIAN's PRICING: I'm honored that you are considering scheduling a session with me and excited about the opportunity to meet you.  It is truly my pleasure to teach and help you, hopefully way beyond your expectations.  Although I am an accredited and trained professional I choose to keep my prices very reasonable.  My existing client consider me a great value. My sessions are all about helping YOU and giving you a new perspective on your surroundings. I look forward to our session together!


With Love and Light, Dorian!

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